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"Qui suis-je et que suis-je? Un homme de rien, un etre inutile à lui meme et aux autres"


Vikings - 2.09 - Sneak Peak

The Heart attack causing preview. Ye Gods! That better not be Rollo being charged at — I doubt that’s Lagertha, she’s not wearing the chain-mail!  If a character is going to die — I’m going to put my money on Horik’s son — This isn’t Game of Thrones, it’s too soon to kill of the original characters!  I wont have it!  >_<

If they kill Rollo…. I aldo bet on Horik’s son.or perhaps Floki….

Platform 9 ¾? But, Hagrid, there must be a mistake. This says Platform 9 ¾. There’s no such thing. Is there?

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"That’s exactly how he (Saul) would have put it."

Carrie becomes to be a small version of Saul.

I will be here when you return, if that is what you want.

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